Youths Kingdom leadership in a post conflict country – A personal view.

Being a Christian youth in a post-conflict country has its challenges, however, when looking ahead there are certain things that come to mind. One, our place as youths in a traumatised and fearing nation, second our duty as leaders (in Christ) towards a country with many denominations. Their distinctions and my understanding of the topic That is why I have decided to write about kingdom leadership. In a nutshell, this is taking the word of God and using it for the empowerment of our communities beyond churches.

The need for language preservation in south Sudan.

South Sudan is the youngest nation in Africa and I am a proud citizen of this wonderful republic. It consists of sixty-four tribes all with their unique cultures and customs. some tribes have common cultural practices and have passed down their unique lifestyle through generations. One of the many defining mediums of south Sudanese tribes is their language.

Poem: A clear mind is its own enemy.

From afar, I have come yet does my road shows me no end to my struggle. As the sun rises with the love to change hearts, so does my mind continue to ponder on an existence I didn’t wish to be a part of.

From the high winds, I’ve sailed on the light of joy, till the flood showed no mercy to the believer.

The story that broke my heart.

To all my fellow South Sudanese Youths and my fellow Nuer people in the world at large. The Easter weekend is upon us and with that spirit, I would once again like to talk to you about the importance of unity within country. “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. In the spirit of love, progress and equal rights for all, I would like to share an an interview collected by amnesty international last year 2018.

What is “Hate Speech” on social media and how to counter it.

As you browse through your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, google plus, twitter and others you tend to come across some posts that contain rude, insulting and tribal messages. These messages are an example of a “Hate Speech”. Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such…

The fourth commemoration of the Nuer-Juba massacre.

December 15, 2017 marks the 4th year of the darkest moment in the history of South Sudan and Sudan. It was the moment in which hopes and dreams of millions of South Sudanese were shattered when their own government targeted and indiscriminately massacred innocent civilians of Nuer ethnic background in Juba, the capital city of […]…

My accidental Youth fellowship experience

Last month, I attended a youth fellowship at nairobi baptist church, meant for motivating and encouraging youth to welcome unity. At first it was not my plan to attend, I was to meet with a group of peace makers to talk about peace building and learn how I can contribute and help bring that change….

Junub Learn: How to become a Filmmaker

You may think there are a lot that goes into making film but honestly it all depends on your Passion. You have ideas, stories, visions that you want to realize through cinematography but you don’t know where to begin well i’m your guardian angel sent to relieve you of such burden. To become a filmmaker all…

Best songs all Junubin should listen to.

The music industry has been a pinnacle point of peace development in South Sudan. The war against injustice takes more than a soldier and a gun but a willing heart to serve a nation. The effects of such atrocities have echoed across the world calling for help to rescue the innocents civilian affected. The message…